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IFMA's Best of the Best: Our Top 12 Resources from 2023

It's been a busy year and an even busier year for facility management as a profession. To show our continued commitment to your personal development, we've rounded up our top 12 facility management resources from 2023. Below you will find a curated collection of our most popular, can't-miss resources designed to help you crush your goals in the new year.

1. Evolution Is Never Finished: Insights From IFMA’s Emerging Topics Working Group On How Six Key Topics Are Transforming The FM Industry


New technology is transforming modern-day facility management. Join our experts to explore six critical topics innovating FM: PropTech, AI, climate change, circular economy, ESG reporting and wellness. This white paper is a starting point for an ongoing industry conversation concerning the key issues, trends, and drivers shaping the industry.



2. 15 Tips for First-Time Facility Managers


New to being an FM? Every facility manager has been there. The good news is that you are never alone. With the power of IFMA's online community, no problem is too big or too small for our members to tackle together. We recently asked on our LinkedIn page, "What are your tips for first-time facility managers?" We poured through over 200+ comments to curate the best tips and tricks for those starting out in the built environment. 



3. Women in FM: Trends in the FM Workforce


Explore the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the state of women in FM worldwide. The majority of women currently participate in the labor force, but women make up just 20% of the FM workforce. There has been little change to this gender mix over the past decade. This report considers employment outlooks, salary conditions, recruitment and retention approaches and other key information by gender to support organizations in developing or enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within FM.



4. What is ESG? The 7 Steps Model


There has been a growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations across industries; facility management is no exception. More and more businesses recognize the importance of integrating ESG considerations into their operations. We discussed what ESG means for the facility management industry and provided seven steps for integrating ESG into FM processes and operations.



5. FM's Modern Risk: Cybersecurity in the Era of the Smart Building

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 10.16.44 AM

The drive to make office buildings smarter has made it easier to do everything from controlling the temperature to reserving a conference room with a few taps of a smartphone. But these efficiencies have increased cyber risks. Within a typical office building, there could be 20 independent networks vulnerable to hacking. On average, only five or six are highly secured. This article walks you through six key steps building owners and managers can take to their cybersecurity profile.



6. Digitize Your FM Operations


Not sure where to start with digitizing your FM operations? We sat down with industry-leading experts Matt Dawson, the Real Estate Engagement Leader at EY, Edward Wilson-Smythe, Director of Digital Innovation at AlixPartners, Dr. Jake Smithwick, the Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte; and Jeffrey Saunders, the CEO at Nordic Foresight. Together they discussed the concrete first steps you can take to navigate the digital revolution successfully. 



7. Hacking the FMP


Over 12,000 facility managers hold our most popular and globally recognized credential. Join our professional development team as they break down their top tips and strategies to successfully earn your FMP in 2024. 



8. Succession Planning In Facility Management Pilot Study And Road Map For The Future


The Facility Management profession has faced labor workforce challenges for years. However, preliminary results from recent IFMA studies have revealed seismic shifts in the workforce demographics, with an influx of newer (and younger) professionals in the FM workforce than previously observed in other studies.

These changes in the FM workforce demographics highlight the need to capture and disseminate the institutional knowledge possessed by many seasoned professionals to the incoming facility managers.



9. Rise of Workplace Experience - An Opportunity for FMs


According to OfficeRND, workplace experience is "the sum of all touchpoints employees have with the workplace environment. This environment includes three components — the physical office, the digital workplace, and the workforce — as well as the relationship between them." Andrew Mawson of AWA, Advanced Workplace Associates shares his thoughts and ideas on the emergence of workplace management in FM, and how it will impact the workplace going forward.



10. Taking the Lead: Selling Sustainability to the C-suite

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 10.21.07 AM

As the climate crisis grows in urgency, governments are tightening environmental regulation and the global green movement is picking up pace. Workplaces are a key battleground in this transition to a greener, more sustainable future. Facility managers are stewards of the workplace and must adopt a mantle of leadership within this movement. This presents the FM function the opportunity to truly define itself as a champion of sustainability through actions rather than just words.



11. The Convergence: Managing Digital Risk and FM's Role in Protecting Digitized Buildings

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 11.22.54 AM

We organized an Executive Summit with cybersecurity and security experts in February 2023, resulting in the following white paper identifying FMs’ role in protecting a digitized built environment. Learn actionable ways facility managers can better prepare their facilities to tackle security challenges. 



12. 5 Things to Know About the CFM Exam


The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) is the globally recognized credential to help you showcase the mastery of your skills across the entire FM body of knowledge. Our professional development team breaks down what you need to know to earn our most prestigious credential.