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Best of 2023: Answering Your Top Facility Management Training Questions

IFMA's professional development team has been working all year to answer your most burning questions about facility management training so you can feel confident meeting and exceeding your professional development goals. Catch up on any of the 2023 webinars you may have missed and determine your best path forward with training, certification and more.

1. How Do You Learn Best?

January 2023

Online or in-person, at your pace or with an instructor — IFMA's suite of professional development programs adapts to your unique learning needs.


2. Do More With Your FM Career: Live with IFMA Instructors

January 2023

Join Aykean Matthews, MBA, CFM, FMP, SFP and Lena Thompson, FMP, SFP, IFMA Fellow -- both are IFMA instructors and members of IFMA’s Global Board of Directors -- along with Kim Coffey and Gayle Head of IFMA’s Training Support Team to discuss all things training: best practices for achieving your professional development goals, #FMindustry training trends/needs and more.


3. Five Things To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your FM Training Provider

February 2023

Get the quick-notes version of the important questions to ask yourself before picking a training provider, whether for yourself or for your entire facility management team.


4. Hacking the FMP

March 2023

Considering starting the FMP program? Or are you currently earning your credential? Learn time-tested strategies and tips for successfully completing the Facility Management Professional™ (FMP®) program and earning your industry-respected credential.


5. Sustainability Training at IFMA

April 2023

No matter where you or your organization are in meeting the evolving demands of environmental responsibility, IFMA is with you on your sustainability training journey. Learn more about courses, video learning and the internationally respected Sustainability Facility Professional® (SFP®) credential. 


6. IFMA's Core Competency Courses

May 2023

You may have heard of IFMA's credentials (think FMP®, SFP® or CFM®). But have you checked out our customizable, targeted training: FM Core Competency Courses? Deep-dive into topics like real estate, risk management, communications, performance + quality and more; choose specific courses to excel in FM or study all 7 to round out your FM knowledge.


7. Five Things to Know About the CFM

August 2023

How do you confidently prepare to take the Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) exam? Learn about eligibility, what's covered in the exam questions and pro tips for test day. We'll take your questions live and help you get started on your journey to earning this highly respected facilities management certification. 


8. Evolving FM: Keep Learning, Stay Relevant 

September 2023

Ongoing learning is crucial for success, especially for FMs facing new industry trends in an ever-digitizing world. IFMA offers targeted, niche training to upskill without disrupting your busy schedule. Keep your skills sharp and stay ahead of the game with IFMA's professional development.


9. What is an FM’s role?

October 2023

Learn about training IFMA offers that supports those who qualify as FM professionals, as well as those who work adjacent to FM. With increasing demands on FM professionals, IFMA's training is built to make you knowledgeable and adaptable.

Be sure to watch if you: 
  • Work in FM and want to learn more about training and credentials that can power your success on the job 
  • Work with FMs and want to better understand their role 
  • Employ FMs and need to provide resources that will upskill them so they can better support the core functions of your organization.

10. All about the CFM Knowledge Workshop

November 2023

Employers are looking for leaders, achievers and self-starters with breadth and depth of knowledge and skills. If you’ve reached CFM eligibility, then it’s time to stop thinking about it and start carving out the FM future you want. 

IFMA's 2024 CFM Knowledge Workshop kicks off on 9 Jan. 2024. Learn about what the workshop covers and how it helps you confidently prepare to take the CFM exam. *The CFM Knowledge Workshop is not a requirement of exam eligibility and is not endorsed by the IFMA Certification Commission. 



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