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How to Master Networking in the FM Community: Academics & Business

With 22,000+ members around the world, finding connections within IFMA’s global community can seem daunting. IFMA has created networking groups to help you connect based on what matters to you – so you can build relationships, learn best practices and grow your career. IFMA's industry councils and communities of practice can empower you to solve challenges today and in the future.

Our 16 councils offer you the opportunity to communicate with colleagues around the world about your specific area of FM – from Airports to country clubs to academic facilities. IFMA’s 7 communities will help you make connections with the global FM community based on your area of interest – from IT to real estate to business. We’d like to highlight two of our groups to show the breadth of the IFMA community.


AFC  Build Your Village March 2023 (1)

Effectively manage a variety of facilities with the Academic Facilities Council

Facility managers who work with students, researchers and instructors face radically different needs. IFMA's Academic Facilities Council (AFC) provides a forum for sharing information about educational buildings, including primary and secondary schools, technical/community colleges and universities. 

The AFC is for those who effectively plan, design, construct, utilize and maintain a variety of buildings, grounds and equipment including classrooms, computer labs, residence halls and apartments, athletic facilities, dining halls, theaters, laboratories, libraries and health care facilities.

Watch the AFC webinar on April 25 to learn more.

The New Inclusivity: Neurodiversity and Workplace Inclusion
April 25, 2023 | 3 PM ET-US

We are living in a time of increased numbers of individuals with neuro-sensitives and special needs, such as ADHD. These individuals can be high-energy, out-of-the-box thinkers who excel in a crisis. Join Kay Sargent to explore creating spaces that are more physically and culturally inclusive. Register Now 


BIZ Build Your Village April 2023

Explore FM Services in the Business Space with BIZ

The Business Leadership, Finance, Communication Community (BIZ) focuses on the integration of the leadership, finance, quality and communication core competencies into the practice of facility management. 

Do you provide FM services or use business competencies? If so, BIZ is right for you! BIZ provides connections and valuable content for FMs in the business space, with a focus on leadership, finance, quality and communication.

Get started by watching a recent webinar on the total cost of ownership. 

Webinar Recording
What is the Total Cost of Ownership & Why is it Essential? 

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) brings a new strategy that allows financial administrators to have full knowledge of an investment: how the investment is operating, how the investment is performing, how much additional financial commitment will be needed throughout the life cycle of the investment and when to best recapitalize the investment in the asset.

The impacts of consistent or occasional noninvestment can also be analyzed for long-term overall impact. The TCO is not well understood by many FM practitioners - and definitely not in the ability to use it effectively to perform long-term financial planning or to communicate asset decisions with C-suite executives. In this interview-styled webinar, Mr. Stanberry will share his knowledge and expertise on the subject. Watch Now


Build your FM Village

Join IFMA to start connecting with the worldwide FM community. Already a member? Add a council, community or chapter to your membership to gain a network of life-long friends from around the world who help you grow, share practical insights and leave a lasting impact on the world.

  • Visit MyIFMA
  • Once logged in, click the My Account tab
  • On the right side of the screen, select Add Components (Chapters, Councils, Communities of Practice)
  • Select your desired council or community and hit Next.


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