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World FM Day: Innovations Making an Impact in 2024


Happy World FM Day to those who keep our facilities healthy, safe and productive. As we celebrate the unsung heroes of facility management, we keep an eye on the future, and the innovations that will make impacts for years to come. 

We spoke to industry leaders about the innovations they think will make the biggest impact in 2024 – and it looks like technology and AI are at the top of everyone’s mind. Take a look at what they think, and remember to take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments in FM this World FM Day. 

 "We live in a 'mobile first' society.  Everything has an app, and everything is accessible 24x7 on a smartphone.  The biggest impact on FM is going to be adapting to a more digital world, including using a mobile app for work order assignment, dispatch, status, and completion of work. Mobile solutions will be used for work orders, ordering of supplies, real-time updates, accessing asset information—such as warranty and maintenance history—timecards, inventory, location-based services, and so much more. Critical information needs to be available 24x7 in the palm of your hand in order to meet the needs and expectations of today’s building owners and occupants."

—Darlene Pope, President, North America at Planon 

"AI innovations will continue to transform facilities management by optimizing scheduling, proactive service, communication, field team empowerment, productivity, and maintenance. AI-driven scheduling and routing will streamline resource allocation. Proactive and predictive service will anticipate maintenance needs. Enhanced communication via AI platforms will improve collaboration. Empowered field teams will utilize real-time data for informed decisions. Productivity and revenue will increase through optimized operations. Maintenance processes will benefit from AI, extending asset lifespans and reducing costs. These advancements promise a more efficient, resilient, and cost-effective FM landscape in 2024."

—David Sigler, Velosio 

"In 2024, facility managers can use modern innovations to transform their buildings into intelligent, sustainable, and profitable structures. They will use IoT devices and sensors to monitor their facilities in real-time, predict maintenance needs, optimize energy usage, and reduce operational risks. They will rely on predictive analytics, big data, and AI-powered algorithms to make data-driven decisions. AR/VR technologies will enhance training programs and ease remote inspections and maintenance. Green building technologies will reduce carbon footprints and operating costs, ensuring a sustainable future. These innovative tools are revolutionizing the industry and leading to higher-performing buildings."

—Amber Mulligan, VP North Americas Commercial Leader at Trane 

"Asset digitization powered by AI will unlock opportunities facility managers have never seen. What would it mean to have full visibility and control over your workplace assets and understand in an instant what you have, what’s in use, what’s in storage, what’s surplus, and the condition, weight, and material makeup of everything? Teams that have this information make quicker decisions about how to deploy assets and save money, which converts the facility management function from a cost center to a value driver. Digitizing your existing inventory may feel daunting, but what’s stopping you from digitizing everything you buy new today?"

—Sushma Kittali-Weidner, Rheaply's Chief Product Officer 


Thank you to leaders from some of IFMA’s Corporate Sustaining Partners for contributing to this post.