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5-Step Formula to Earning Your FMP Credential


Interested in IFMA’s most popular credential? We are walking you step-by-step through the process of earning your FMP. 

Why is it considered the foundational credential? 

The credential covers 4 key areas that every facility manager should have experience in—Finance & Business, Project Management, Leadership & Strategy, and Operations & Maintenance. The material showcases real-world examples that specifically address challenges a facility manager would face.  

Study Guide

Who is ideal for the FMP? 

Facility managers with at least a year of experience would most benefit from this credential. The FMP materials are aimed to fill in knowledge gaps and go more in-depth into the profession. 

What makes the FMP credential a wise choice? 

The FMP material is sourced from global standards. It educates you on FM concepts or projects you might not have been exposed to and gives you a base of knowledge for data-driven decisions. 


5 Steps to Earning Your FMP 

Step 1: Get Set Up  

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Verify your FM.Training account
  • Login and use the email address that will be associated with your training course
  • Access your inbox and review emails 
Make sure you can access course materials
Have a question or issue? 
  • Review the how-to video or open a help desk ticket 

Step 2: Plan. Study. Pass. 

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Set your completion date.
  • When do you want to earn your credential? 
Download a free FMP study guide.
Pick a day(s) to study and stay consistent!
  • What days of the week will you study?
  • What time of day?

Note: You have two years to complete your FMP from purchase date, but IFMA strongly recommends that you set your completion date no more than a year out to optimize your success.  


Step 3: Connect with a community.  

Don’t go it alone! Support exists.

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  • Join an IFMA member engage FMP study group  
  • Create a study group at work 
  • Join an IFMA chapter or component group  
  • Purchase class training to study 


Step 4: Understand your course’s online resources. 

Take a pretest at the beginning of each module to gauge your knowledge. 

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Utilize all your study options including: 

  • Flashcards 
  • Study guides 
  • Case scenarios 
  • Optional printed book 


Step 5: Stick to the Plan! 

  • Keep track of the time. Are you tracking with your study schedule? 
  • Complete each module and final assessment before starting the next one. 
  • Adjust your schedule accordingly. Each module topic is completely different. You may take more or less time to finish a module than planned.  


Congrats! You’ve passed and it’s time to celebrate your credential.  

Submit your FMP application to receive: 
  • Digital badge
  • Digital certificate
  • Verification of your lifelong credential

Show off your hard work by adding your digital badge to your LinkedIn account, resume and email signature.


Best tips for success: 

  • Don’t skip reading the material before taking the exam.
  • Each module has a final assessment with no proctor. It’s an open-book test; use your materials!
  • We recommend a virtual FMP class if you’re having trouble. Attempt the final assessment before your last virtual session.
  • Don’t procrastinate! Studying will take more time than you think.
  • Make a plan B. Where could you fit in extra time to study a particularly challenging module?


Ready to start your FMP journey?