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Navigate Facility Management with a Free Student Membership

Find your next step with FREE Student Membership

IFMA has the resources and connections to help students succeed – and accelerate their future careers. 

Allecia McDonald joined IFMA as a student in 2016 and now serves as Vice President of IFMA’s Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter. “When I started my bachelor’s degree program at the University of Minnesota, I joined IFMA as a student member. The best way to immerse myself in the FM community and grow my career was to make connections, and I never would’ve guessed what IFMA could do for me,” says Allecia. “You can never stop learning and growing – and that’s what I get from IFMA.”


IFMA has the networking and career development opportunities to help students like Allecia succeed - and for a limited time only, IFMA is offering a FREE base membership to new or existing student members who are enrolled in a full-time program. Join IFMA now - or renew your base membership for another year - for FREE, and you'll have access to 30+ membership benefits to help you succeed.

  • Global and local networks to offer insight and connections.
  • News and information to help with career transition.
  • Credential programs to showcase skills. (moved this to 3rd bullet point)
  • Free 1-year membership for graduates of Accredited Degree Programs.
  • 30+ membership benefits to help you succeed.

This offer is open to new and existing members enrolled in full-time study at an accredited college or university. You are required to provide proof of current enrollment by October 15, 2023 to qualify for the one-year base membership. You can add chapters, councils or communities to your memberships for an additional cost.   

Prepare for your future career with IFMA's global network.